After the end of the tenancy, the restoration of a property can be both challenging and stressful. It involves lease or bond cleaning to get your deposit back and restore the property to its previous state. With the highly skilled and professional end of lease cleaning services, you can ensure that the rental property’s final cleaning is done thoroughly and you get your bond back. The services may range from dusting to mopping. Moreover, if you have specific requirements on your cleaning checklist, they can also be taken care of with the service providers. Here is a guide to help you choose the best cleaning service.

Timely delivery of services

When looking for end of lease cleaning services, ensure that the company takes care of your needs immediately, as bond cleaning is a time-consuming and strenuous process. It is crucial to go with a company that provides high-quality services and ensures timely delivery. Hence, a company that serves you without much delay is always the preferred choice.

Bond back guarantee

The services of a professional cleaning company must give you a hundred per cent guarantee of getting your bond back when moving out from the rental property. Be it a small or large property, the vacant cleaners need to provide thorough cleaning services when the leasing contract ends. With an experienced team of cleaners employing top-notch cleaning techniques, you can have peace of mind and ensure the landlord is satisfied.

Cleaning checklist

End of lease cleaning services encompasses a wide range of tasks, so before choosing a company, have a clear idea about inclusions and exclusions in the cleaning checklist. Every company has its way of providing service, so it is best to hire one that adheres to a bond cleaning checklist. A reputed company is likely to have a REISA approved checklist to meet the set parameters of cleaning and fulfil property owners’ expectations. You can also create your own checklist through an online application and set deadlines accordingly. 

Referrals and feedback

With numerous cleaning service providers in the market, it can be overwhelming to select the right one. Hence, references from neighbours, colleagues, associates, and friends who had previously opted for the same service can greatly help. You can also find reliable companies through your directory or local newspaper. Moreover, a company with genuine reviews and honest feedback can be reliable.

Affordable rates

It is crucial that you find companies providing excellent services at affordable rates. So, before finalising a service, compare the rates of different service providers and opt for the one that offers competitive pricing and high-quality services. You can also check offers and packages offered by different companies to get the best deals. Some companies can also customise the package according to your price requirements which could be convenient and time-saving.

High standard of cleanliness

A top-rated company strictly follows cleanliness standards and takes full responsibility for its services. The cleaning staff must use cleaning solutions and techniques capable of removing stubborn stains, grimes and dust completely without affecting the health of people and pets. Additionally, they should commit to meeting all the cleaning goals within the stipulated time.  

Ending a tenancy does not have to be stressful. By following the above tips, you can hire the most competent and skilled cleaners to vacate the rental property and get your bond refund.

Author name- Grace