Open transport car shipping is something you’ve probably heard of if you’ve been looking into moving your car from one location to another without driving it yourself. It’s a fast, affordable, and safe alternative to enclosed car shipment that’s also dependable and efficient. 

Continue reading to find out the advantages of this method of transporting vehicles and how it functions.

What exactly is open transport vehicle shipping?

Shipping your car with an open trailer or lorry, which typically carries a bunch of vehicles, is a simple and cost-effective option. Since it lacks a roof and walls, an open transport carrier may accommodate up to ten vehicles. 

Those who own expensive vehicles, for instance, may prefer an alternative mode of transport that allows them to keep their vehicle protected from the elements, such as enclosed transport. Open transportation, however, has many other benefits everyone needs to be aware of. 

There are many scenarios in which this method of transporting cars would be beneficial. Here are some of the many advantages of open transport car shipping you should consider before deciding whether or not it’s the ideal option for you. Find out more relevant info on this page


Wanna know something interesting about this type of shipment? 

Larger cars are easily transported on open transport due to the lack of a roof or size restrictions. If you have a huge car, an open transport truck may be your best bet because it can accommodate vehicles of varying lengths and heights. How amazing is that? 


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Open carriers have various safeguards in place to secure your vehicle and prevent it from moving around during transport. If you’re worried about your vehicle’s safety, you can opt for single-layered transit, in which case the driver can keep an eye on things by simply checking the mirrors at regular intervals.


One of the quickest methods of transporting a vehicle is via open transit. 

Oh, and one of the reasons why this method of shipping is so trendy is because the truck has the ability to carry a bunch of cars at once. If you have several vehicles that you need transported, with an open car shipment you won’t have to go back and forth every single time for one of those cars. Awesome, right?

Oh, and you should also know that since open modes of transportation are often lighter than their enclosed counterparts, they can theoretically get you to your destination more quickly. Read more on this page

No hassle 

There are a number of scenarios in which you might want to have someone else transfer your vehicle instead of driving it yourself. You might not want to put more miles on the car, or you might not have the time. Getting the car to your location or driving it yourself can pretty much be a hassle. Using open transportation allows you to hand off the hard work to the experts in a stress-free manner.


Money doesn’t grow on trees. Right folks? 

So, of course you should have a financial plan in mind about using a car shipping service first. It’s not just about going with the first option that appears on Google. 

We want you to understand that you can either choose open or enclosed auto shipment. But, the good news is that open auto shipping is cheaper than enclosed shipping. 

A lot of people would say that a car is safer from a wider range of environmental factors during enclosed auto shipment, and they’re probably right. But, this is why it’s the superior choice for luxury automobiles. If you can’t seem to handle the price of an enclosed shipment, no one is stopping you from trying an open on. 

Pros will keep your precious asset safe no matter the type of shipment you choose. However, if you want maybe to spend a little less money on transporting your car, go with the cheap car shipping option which is the open shipment option.  

Any damage is covered by insurance

Listen up, folks! The likelihood of there being any kind of damage to you precious baby is quite low. A trustworthy open auto transport business, on the other hand, will have insurance to cover the expense of repairing or replacing your vehicle in the event that it sustains any damage while being transported. This will definitely give you peace of mind when using this type of service. 

Another great thing you can do is to take pictures of your vehicle from a variety of various vantage points before you ship it. Oh, and don’t forget to inquire about the insurance that the vehicle shipping firm provides, and make sure you fully understand the terms of the coverage. The more you know, the surer you’ll be in your decision!