5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Becoming a Resident of California

California is a state that’s known for its warm, sunny weather and stunning natural beauty. It also has a reputation for its high cost of living, but you can still make it work!

There are many reasons to love this state, from sunny beaches to the majestic redwoods. 

But before you move here, there are some things you should know.

  1. Residents Benefit From Legal Marijuana 

Whether you’re unknown to the state or have lived here for a while, becoming a California resident can be exciting. But it’s important to remember that your residency status will change how you benefit from legal marijuana.

If you’re a California resident, you can legally own up to one ounce of cannabis in public. However, if you are a non-resident, this is not the case. And the penalties for possession of over an ounce of cannabis are much harsher than for residents.

While the legalization of recreational cannabis has brought with it many benefits for residents of California and beyond, it is important to be mindful of the laws. If you are a non resident, you need to apply for the marijuana card https://dr-weedy.com/medical-marijuana-card-california-ca/ to take benefits of Cannabis. 

  1. Be Prepared To Learn About New People And Customs

The California lifestyle is one of the most exciting and fun in the world. But it’s also one of the most complex, with many rules, customs, and more to learn. 

Be prepared to learn about new people and customs. No matter where you live, you’ll have to adjust to new ways of accomplishing things and learn about different cultures. 

In California, there are dozens of ethnic groups that make up this population; if you want to fit in with the locals, you’ll have to learn some key phrases (like how much it costs to get a tattoo) or even try learning how to speak Spanish (you might surprise yourself).  https://www.cialisgap.com/

You can also discover what kind of food people eat where they live—and whether or not they like spicy food. 

  1. The Cost Of Living Is High

The cost of living in California is high compared to other states. You may be surprised to learn that California’s average cost of living is about 20% higher than the national average. This is due to the high cost of housing, one of the main reasons many people choose to move from other states and settle in California.

If you plan on moving to California, it is essential that you are prepared for this change in lifestyle and finances. 

You will need to consider many things before moving here, such as how much money you need to make. What kind of job can you get? How much are you inclined to spend on rent every month?

  1. Traffic Can Be Harsh 

Traffic can be extremely bad if you’re planning on living in the state’s more urban areas (like Los Angeles or San Francisco). It’s not simply a matter of getting from point A to point B—it’s also about finding parking spaces, finding places where people are willing to let you park for free, etc.

  1. Most Amazing National Parks

California is home to some of the most amazing national parks in the country, but don’t expect to be able to explore them easily if you live in an urban area. Instead, you’ll have to rely on public transportation or carpooling with others who live and work nearby which can be very difficult if your commute includes driving and public transit.