5 Signs of a Legit Online Betting Site That You Should Always Look For

There are thousands of online betting sites nowadays, and betting online has become more popular. This is especially true after the brick-and-mortar casino and bookmakers closed down due to the recent pandemic. Because of these closures, many people turned to online betting to fill their longing to bet on their favorite casino games and sports. 

However, this popularity has surfaced on many betting sites, some of which are not so legitimate. Fortunately, scam betting sites are just the minority; however, that doesn’t mean you can be complacent when picking an online betting site. What are the signs that an online betting site is legit? Here are some of them.

Licensed and Certified

Before you go ahead and register on your chosen online betting site, you must first make sure that they are licensed and certified by the authorities. This ensures that the betting site operates within the state’s laws and regulations and that the players are safe from fraud and theft. Usually, if an online betting site has been checked and audited by a reputable commission, it will put its logo on its front page to tell people they’re legit. 

Not only that, but they also have a hyperlink that leads to the commission’s website. Usually, they also have a dedicated page that shows their licenses and certifications for the site visitors to see. 

If you want to be thorough, you can contact the commission to see if the online betting site is listed on their regulated sites within the state. If the betting site has no licenses to show, doesn’t have the logo, and is not listed with the commission, you might have a scam betting site on your hands.

So, whether you’re looking into wagering on the NCAAB final four or the NFL champion, it’s important to check the site’s license first.

Reasonable Welcome Bonuses

Almost every betting site worth its salt has good welcome bonuses for people trying out their site for the first time. Usually, it’s pretty generous, like free spins or free money, but most of the time, you can only get these bonuses when specific requirements are met. For example, some sites will match your first-ever deposit into your account, so you’d have double the money on the site. 

It’s usually only limited to a few hundred bucks, and you must spend all the free money within a set period.However, a scam betting site usually has  too-good-to-be-true welcomes bonuses. It’s usually in the form of three times your initial deposit, double payouts, etc. That said, if you think your welcome bonuses are too good to be true, then there’s a good chance it is. You might be on a scam betting site this time.

Shoddy Website Design

 Reputable online betting sites make genuine efforts to beautify their betting sites, especially the front page. The prettier and simpler the homepage is, the more people will be inclined to register on their betting site and put in their money. 

On the other hand, if the design is shoddy and haphazard, you might be on a scam betting site. This is most probably because they don’t have the money to put up a decent website designer, or they built it from the ground up by themselves. Simply put, a bad website design is a huge red flag.

The Verification is Suspect

A common trick that scam online betting sites do to delay paying their players is to claim that they are having difficulty verifying your identity. They will put out the same excuse every time you put up a query on why your payout is being delayed. They will also ask you to provide the same information you sent out during your registration process, all to delay your payout.

However, we all know that a legit online betting site already has this information handy after you’ve registered on their site. Not only that, they would never ask for your information twice, which means there will be no delay when the time comes to repay you.

Strong Reviews

When choosing an online betting site, one of the things that you have to look for is good reviews. Reviews tell a lot about a betting site, and if people find that it is even a bit suspect, they will usually voice their opinions on review sites and other message boards. However, be wary that companies sometimes publish a paid review for others to read. Usually, you can have a feel for which one is paid, so sometimes, you just have to trust your gut.

Final Words

There are many betting sites on the internet; fortunately, most are legit. However, that doesn’t mean you can be complacent when picking an online betting site. Even if they are the minority, they exist and operate to get your money through illegal means. With all that said, question everything and verify every piece of information you come across. It doesn’t hurt to always be cautious, especially when it comes to your money.