Propane gas tanks are usually utilized in camps, grilling, and barbecuing. With the help of propane gas tanks, you can also set up your kitchen anywhere – from backyard, garden, or upstairs on the terrace. Propane gas in Peoria, IL, is used majorly for cooking and grilling purposes. You cannot carry a big cylinder everywhere and propane gas tanks are the best replacement for such household kitchen cylinders. The question here is to estimate the level of propane in the tank. You can easily measure it with the gauge if there is a meter fixed in the propane tank.  However, some tanks do not necessarily have propane reading meters. What will you do in such cases? Don’t worry!

Here are certain ways to quickly measure the level of remaining propane gas in the tank. Keep reading this article to know some brilliant ways to measure propane gas levels in the propane tank. 

  1. Hot water measure

You can easily measure the propane gas left in the tank with a hot water technique. Sometimes, you don’t know the exact measure of the propane left. You will be stuck and get the food wasted if the propane gas tank doesn’t work. 

  • Fill hot water in a bucket from the tap. 
  • You can pour that water down at the side of your tank. 
  • Try to find a cool place over the side of the tank. 

Liquid propane inside the tank absorbs heat from the water and makes the metal wall cooler. The tank wall above the fill line stays warmer than the other section. You can estimate whether there is sufficient or less gas available for your cooking activity and allows you to run to the store for propane gas in Peoria, IL

  1. Measure through tank weight

If your approximation sense is quite strong, you can easily know the level of propane by picking it up in your hands. You take it to refill it when it’s empty and come back home to place the filled tank in the kitchen. It allows you to get an idea about the propane gas left in your tank. 

If there is a tank weighing around 27 pounds (12 kgs) and there is a tare weight of grill that is about 17 pounds (8kgs). There are 10 pounds (4.5 kgs) of propane left in the tank. 

  1. Measure by cooking time

You have to do a little calculation in the process as the measure is done with BTUs. Estimate the cooking time by taking a specific amount of BTUs and your cooking time is fixed. You can roughly analyze the remaining propane gas in the tank. 

  1. Get a gauge to measure the propane level

You should get a gauge as the best tool to measure the exact amount of propane in the tank. There are three types of gauges available, i.e. inline pressure gauges, analog propane scales, and digital propane tank scales. You can read the tank gauge and know the propane level easily. 

Use above-mentioned super-easy ways to measure the level of propane gas in Peoria, IL. You didn’t have to purchase any expensive material to measure the propane gas remaining in the tank.