Have you ever checked into boutique hotels while touring Sydney? The experience may not be the usual one you get from checking into regular hotels. Because, unlike regular hotels, there is something dreamy and luxurious about boutique hotels that make people choose them over other types of accommodations.

And now that Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted and people can carry on with their vacations, you might want to try and stay at a boutique hotel in Sydney. It will be the perfect place to spend the night after a day visiting the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, and the Harbour Bridge, among other tourist destinations.

But before you go looking for the perfect boutique hotel in Sydney, here are some things you should know about this type of accommodation.

What is a boutique hotel?

There is no clear definition as to what a boutique hotel is. But, as the name implies, a boutique hotel is a small yet stylish establishment for accommodation purposes. It is usually located in a fashionable area in city centres.

Boutique Hotels versus Regular Hotels

Compared to regular hotels, boutique hotels in Sydney and across the globe are smaller, with usually less than 100 rooms. They need to maintain fewer rooms to provide customers with a unique and personal experience. Also, they value comfort and quiet and, thus, focus on the intimacy of the place.

Additionally, while regular hotels generally offer the same hotel services and provide the usual amenities, boutique hotels can customise services and cater to your specific needs, especially where culture, food and art are concerned.

Generally, boutique hotels in Sydney are more luxurious than your average accommodation. They offer a one-of-a-kind experience that people will remember and want to experience the next time they visit the city.

Artistic Façade and Interior

Many hotels compete for having the most beautiful structure and design, especially the top hotel chains in the world. But there is no question about the beauty that boutique hotels’ interior and façade possess. They can beat any 5-star hotel any time.

Sydney’s famous boutique hotels give great attention to detail, which can be seen in the architecture, structure and furnishings in and out of place. Some even have a specific concept, such as Victorian era and modern-contemporary themes.

But, with or without a motif, boutique hotels have a distinct characteristic that sets them apart from other types of accommodation.

Strategic Location

As mentioned, most boutique hotels in Sydney are usually found in the city centre, where the trendy spots are located. But others are also tucked in unusual places, like the back alley of old restaurants or in quaint residential areas, all over the city.

Their strategic location offers easy access to the best things that Sydney offers. From the top tourist destinations and cultural areas to the city’s famous cuisine spots and easiest transportation, boutique hotels will surely make your stay great by making these things easier to reach.

Staying at a boutique hotel in Sydney is a unique experience. With its beautiful interiors and cozy spaces, it’s something you would want to experience again and again.

So, when you’re ready to explore the beauty and wonder that Sydney has to offer, try and stay at the best boutique hotel in the city. It will surely make your stay in Australia’s Emerald City one for the books.

Author name- Grace