4 Mistakes to Avoid During Alcohol Detox

Alcohol addiction is a growing problem. A lot of people, especially youngsters go over their limits and consume a lot of it. In time, they get addicted to it until they reach a point of health hazard. Are you one of those people who needs to quit their drinking habits? If so, then you need to go for an alcohol detox. It is a safe and effective process, but there are a few things you need to avoid doing too.

Importance of Detox in Addiction Recovery

Many rehab centers refer their patients to detox first, before they begin their therapies and other treatments. This is because a detox will help the patients to free their body from any or all traces of drugs. The process is designed to flush out the drugs which may lead to relapse and withdrawal symptoms later during recovery. This is why detox is very important. Click on the link to learn more about how long to detox from alcohol. Here are a few common mistakes people make about detox, that you can avoid.

1 – Starting Detox Without Medical Supervision

You need to be admitted to a drug detox clinic to get a detox. You can’t do it at your home with some fruit shakes or prescription drugs. Besides being ineffective, these home based detox regimes are not tested and sometimes they might end up being harmful for your body. You may suffer mild to serious side-effects too. Hence, play it safe by getting into a proper facility that can give the right treatments.

2 – Ignoring the Withdrawal Symptoms

Some people go cold turkey to quit alcohol and end up with withdrawal symptoms. They might have been drinking for decades and when they suddenly stop drinking, their body begins to react to the sudden absence of alcohol. They get headaches, body pains, nausea, and many more symptoms. These symptoms must not be ignored, and the best solution is to admit to a detox center. There, you will be given proper medications based on the symptoms to reduce your strain.

3 – Not Removing All Sources & Availability of Alcohol

You need to make sure you are completely cut-off from your drug sources. This means, you need to stop visiting your favorite bar, or going out with your drinking buddy to get wasted every night. If you keep up the drinking habit while you are going for a detox, it is a complete waste of your efforts. Make sure you are isolated from the sources by staying in the detox facility for a while.

4 – Not Asking Help from Your Friends & Family

The most common mistake people do is avoid their families while they get treated. This is the time when you need them most. A detox for drug is a good step towards a free life and you can ask your loved ones to support you to get there. Many patients who were supported whole-heartedly by their friends & family made a quick recovery. On top of all these mistakes that you need to avoid, you should also reach out to a professional medical facility.