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Every household needs a reliable washing machine. It helps you lessen the effort to wash your dirty clothes. All you need to do is put your clothes into the machine and start the cycle. But among all the washing machines sold in stores, the front load washers are fast becoming the device of choice by most households in Australia. 

According to a Mordor Intelligence survey, more than half of Australian homes prefer front loaders for various reasons. One of the key factors people invest in this device is its high water and energy efficiency. So if you plan to shop for a front load washer for the first time, you can expect to get these benefits.

#1: Front Loaders are Stackable 

Front-load washing machines are perfect if your home has limited space. You can stack your washer and dryer on top of each other to make space for additional equipment. It also lets you minimize household clutter since the equipment does not eat a lot of floor area. 

Aside from maximizing your floor plan, stacking your front load washers will allow you to avoid straining your back while doing the laundry. Place the washer up to your eye level to help you load your dirty clothes and clean the drum with ease. 

#2: Front Loaders are Water Efficient 

Most households are starting to become more aware of the need to save the environment. Because of this, consumer product manufacturers are working to develop more sustainable and earth-friendly devices. Front-loaders became the first choice for households who want to reduce their water usage to save the earth. 

Traditional washing machines need as much as 40 gallons (151 liters) of water per loading cycle. On the other hand, front loaders only require 20 to 25 gallons (94 liters) to wash dirty laundry. Therefore, the machine can work even if it is partially filled with water. 

#3: Front Loaders are More Energy Efficiency 

Aside from saving water, using front load washing machines can also help you save more money for your power bill. It is because front loaders are often high-efficient appliances. It allows you to save from $45 to $125 annually on power costs. 

You only need to look for a front load washing machine with an Energy Star seal. These washers usually use 11% less energy compared to the traditional washers. In addition, front loaders spin faster, making them more efficient in reducing moisture. As a result, the time you need to dry the clothes will be lessened.  

#4: Front Loaders are Better for the Clothes 

While no studies can support this claim, many people claim their clothes look better after washing them in front of loaders. It can be the result of using the horizontal axis of the washer, making it spin like the conventional dryer. It means that the machine has no agitator moving the clothes around within the drum. 

Since the clothes do not need to be pushed, pulled, or twisted, the fabric will not deal with any trauma. So if you have plenty of delicate garments, investing in front load washers can be your best option. 

Front loading washing machines can be the best investment if you want to save space, conserve water, and save the environment. You only need to look for a brand that offers all the specs you need to clean your laundry correctly.

Author name- Grace