4 Bath Products That Are Essential for Your Baby

When you are expecting and shopping for baby products, things can get overwhelming. Everybody is telling you about the latest gadget they have that has worked wonders for them. Then, you have adverts on television and the internet that show what products can do for you and your newborn baby. You do not know whom to believe or whether it is all just clever marketing.

Well, there are always going to be some products that are novelties. But, there are others that are essential when you have just had your child. Let’s take a look at the four bath products you are definitely going to need in the evening.

Bubble Bath

Yes, bath time is about cleaning your baby and hydrating their skin. But, you also have to remember that this is a good learning experience for children. It is their opportunity to be in the water. You want to ensure that this is a positive experience and one that they look forward to. Otherwise, bath time can be a nightmare in the bedtime routine.

Something that is really going to help is bubble bath. The bubbles can be a welcomed distraction for your child and something they will be fascinated by. What’s more, there are baby products that have lovely, enticing fragrances which can captivate your child. Just ensure that you choose a product that is suitable for your baby’s age group. You want to look for gentle ingredients and those that are suitable for sensitive skin. This can give you peace of mind and know that the product is going to agree with your child.

Shampoo Rinser

Are you always worried that you are going to get shampoo in your baby’s eyes? Indeed, many parents want to ensure that bath time is a relaxing and enjoyable experience for their baby. This can make the bedtime routine one that is looked forward to rather than dreaded. Of course, if you get shampoo in your child’s eyes, it can sting, as well as make them upset. This is the last thing you want, and the next time they get in the bath, they might think the same thing is going to happen again.

So, to prevent this from happening, you should buy a shampoo rinser. This is designed like a jug in order to rinse the shampoo from your baby’s hair. But, the design means that the water goes back over their head instead of forward into their eyes. It is simple to use and you just have to tilt your child’s head back slightly.

Floating Bath Toys

To make bath time easy, you want to ensure your child is having fun. Toys are a good distraction if they are scared of the water. In particular, you can get floating bath toys, which will move around, and your child can watch and hold them. This can allow them to feel comfortable and amused during bath time, as well as drain some energy before they go to bed.

Make sure that you add floating bath toys to the list of must-have baby bath products. There are going to be a lot of designs available, whether your child likes cars, animals or other shapes. Indeed, there are bright colours, as well as ones that move around on the water. You can choose toys that you think your child will love. This can even help your baby overcome a fear of the water if they are unsure about bath time.

Fluffy Hooded Towel

Coming out of the bath can be quite a transition for your child. The last thing you want is for them to be cold. So, to help your baby maintain a nice temperature and feel relaxed enough for bedtime, you want to get a fluffy hooded towel. This can be wrapped around so they are dry enough to wear their clothing again. They are designed to be soft and warm, with a cute hood that makes bath time adorable. 

The most important thing is to buy a hooded towel that is made from a soft material. This ensures that it does not scratch the sign. Instead, it can absorb the water from the bath and help your baby to dry and stay warm. It can also help to relax your child after they have been in the bath. It feels nice to have something warm and fluffy against the skin. This can be enough to help them feel tired enough for the night.